Talking Trial Dogs? Be Specific

August 27, 2019

HTCH Peaslee's Howell the Good, RLF III, HTAD III, HRD III, HTD III, ORT bca, CGC

This commentary is reprinted with permission from the original author. The original comment is from a discussion about herding trial dogs' working styles.

One can't simply talk about "trial dogs" without being more specific. Which trials?? ISDS-type trials? Cow dog trials? Time and points? Arena work? Ranch trial? French style trial? AKC? The requirements to succeed depend on what type of trial you are talking about. In the case of BC trials, or many ranch trials, or cow dog events, it is simply wrong to think that the dog is relying on directions from the handler to control the stock... if those dogs aren't independently feeling their stock and working efficiently they won't make it around the course.

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