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Tennessee English Shepherd Association

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Within the English Shepherd breed, black and tan is more than just a coat color. It is a type of dog that was used by rural Tennesseans to sustain their way of life. There is no question that the black and tan English Shepherd represents a piece or rural Tennessee history. The Tennessee English Shepherd Association has been formed to restore and preserve the rich history of the Tennessee English Shepherd. Within the founding membership of TESA are passionate English Shepherds lovers from all walks of life. Some of our members grew up with these great dogs. We enjoy the stories these members tell us of the black and tans’ heroism and utility in the rural settings of their youth. Our members include philanthropists, historians, working dog handlers and experts in the areas of breeding and genetics. Together, we seek to carefully, responsibly and sustainably restore the Tennessee black and tan English Shepherd. With due diligence, we will take measured steps and use careful planning to meet our goal.