Stodghill-Blankenship Bloodline Breeders

This is a list of active breeders of the Stodghill-Blankenship Bloodline of English shepherds

John K. Sherling AL Contact by Email
Brandon and Wendy Fields KY Contact by Email
Jerry Prater TN Contact by Email
Larry Raulston TN Contact by Email
April Gilliom TN Contact by Email
Dan Holman TN Contact by Email
Doug Taylor TN Contact by Email
Jason and Susie Farler TN Contact by Email
Tony Bierman TN Contact by Email

If you are a current and responsible breeder of English shepherd dogs from the Stodghill-Blankenship Bloodline and you would like to be added to this list, please contact the Tennessee English Shepherd Association. Please note that individuals who intentionally inbreed close relatives or individuals who are known to breed together pairs of genetic diseased carriers cannot be added to this list. Adult dogs must be provided with appropriate exercise, nutrition and kindness. The Tennessee English Shepherd Association reserves the right to remove or not include any breeder who does meet our criteria for basic ethical standards and practices.