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Breeding a Registered Female

To breed and raise registered dogs, you have to know more about dogs than you have to know to raise any other kind of animals. Horses, cattle and hogs are easy to manage, but dogs are harder in order to breed to the right dog.

Tom D. Stodghill
High Volume Breeding

We (ES breeders) don’t have a plan for breed conservation, we don’t have good data on genetic health in the breed yet, we are pretty much flying blind

Mary Peaslee
Profitability is Your Responsibility

Be willing to pay a price for your puppy that allows the breeder to make a reasonable profit. It is your's and her's responsibility to do so

Tony Bierman
The Profitable Dog Business

The author explains many facets of a dog business which was started to raise one puppy

Dr. Robert L. Reddish
The White Ring Neck Shepherd

The ARF told Mrs. Richards not to worry about the white ring neck because the white is a true English Shepherd color; it is absolutely impossible to breed all the white out of the English Shepherd.


Breed Management

About Step In and Whether ESCR is an Open Registry

To ascertain whether English Shepherds as a breed have an open gene pool you need to look at all of the existing registries' policies

Mary Peaslee
Standard of the English Shepherd Dog

The English Shepherd is a medium size strong built active dog. They are affectionate, intelligent, natural, obedient not quarrelsome or possessive but of great courage and are extremely faithful. They are not easily excitable and are usually dignified in manner. English Shepherds have the intelligence to adopt themselves to a variety of jobs and have proved themselves useful as watchdogs in the large cities and as retrievers and trailers in the hunting field.

Tom D. Stodghill


Talking Trial Dogs? Be Specific

The dog is responsible for controlling the stock -- for herding -- and that ability is independent of the handler. The handler is there to let the dog know what the job is.

Mary Peaslee


English Shepherds in the News

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 6-7

Mrs. C.M. Bend
Index of Magazine Ads and Articles

An historical index of English Shepherd magazine ads and articles

Quinn Caledonia
My Famous Shoes

Today, the English Shepherd is considered a rare dog breed. And within those ranks of rare farm dogs, the black and tan is rarer still. Here in Tennessee, these dogs are now hard to find.

Tony Bierman
They Are Not the Same

It is high time that correct and clear distinction be made between the border collie, the English shepherd and the farmer’s collie

Dog World

Stodghill's Animal Research Foundation

English Shepherd Club of American Who's Who Breeder Manual

A Match for Man or Beast

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Page 22

Horace Curtis
A Shining Future

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Page 6

Tom D. Stodghill
English Shepherd Club of America Member Directory

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 57-60

English Shepherds in the News

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 6-7

Mrs. C.M. Bend
Goat Dogs

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Page 29-30

Major Jesse Ursery
No Other Breed Will Do

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Page 33

Mrs.Lea Filer
Pete The Mountain Dog

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 25-27

Mr. Walter W. Oglivie
Stodghill's History of the English Shepherd Dog

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 7-12

Tom D. Stodghill
The Blankenships' Best Friend

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Pages 19-20

John Blankenship
The Latch String is Out

ESCOA Who's Who Breeder Manual Page 37

Mr. E.G. Emanuel