Peaslee's Sunshine Daydream

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HTCH Peaslee's Sunshine Daydream, HRD III, HTAD III, HTD III, CGC [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Peaslee%27s+Sunshine+Daydream&ct=4&
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Belle is smart, sensitive, and eager to work; she has a mind of her own but takes direction well. Belle is a natural heeler, and quite happy to get in and stir things up, but she also has a good feel for her stock and is capable of working with a gentle touch when required. She has demonstrated her herding ability with cattle, goats, sheep and ducks, and has a herding trial championship as well as advanced level "herding - ranch dog (HRD)," "herding- trial dog (HTD)" and "herding - trial arena dog (HTAD)" titles from AHBA. Belle is a fun dog to work with; she is cheerful, intelligent, and willing, with a good sense of humor.

© Mary Peaslee

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