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HTCH Peaslee's Howell the Good, RLF III, HTAD III, HRD III, HTD III, ORT bca, CGC [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Peaslee%27s+Howell+The+Good&ct=4&
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Howie combines strong working drive with a clear head and biddability. As a pup, I watched the easy-going, adaptable Howie lead the puppy pack when I took his litter on field trips. New environments, new people, sheep, ducks, chickens -- he greeted all with interest and unwavering (but not heedless) confidence. Howie tagged along to sheep camp in July, a scent detection workshop in August, a Larry Painter (herding) clinic in September... nothing fazed him. He has continued to demonstrate intelligence, enthusiasm for work, and a steady temperament in training and has earned started, intermediate & advanced titles on three different herding trial courses as well as a "canine good citizen" certification and beginning Nosework titles (ORT on all three scents). As of October 2017, Howie has earned his Herding Trial Championship with AHBA.

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