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Middle Tree Southern Shadow's Miss Kitty AHBA HCT-s, JHD-s,d,g,t, BHA RATI, RATN (Duke of Quigley / Southern Shadow's Boots) [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Middle+Tree+Southern+Shadow%27s+Miss+Kitty&ct=4&edit=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.esfacts.org%2Fdownload.php%3Fid%3D106%26token%3DhtjTkOGDy5iULDqoTdrh6Sd4JldhQ1OU%26download%26stream)
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Miss Kitty | DOB: 8/16/2018, PennHIP: .29/.28

Kitty is not only proving to be a fun and capable competition partner, she is also blossoming as a working farm dog. Kitty has the drive to work when you ask with a huge dose of nurture. She is extremely biddable and gives 200% to anything that you ask her to help you with. She is a very outgoing and friendly dog with people and gets along very well with other dogs. She loves puppies and children and is very gentle with the lambs. She is an excellent sky watcher and a great alert dog. Kitty is an absolute mermaid when it comes to anything water ❤ She loves to ride in the car and is an great camping and hiking partner. She has a wonderful off button and is a lady in the house. I look forward to continuing to work with this talented kind young dog. I know she has a lot to teach me.

Miss Kitty's Parents

Miss Kitty's dam is 'PR' Southern Shadow's Boots HCT-s, JHD-s, BHA RATI, RATN and her sire is Duke of Quigley, owned by James Oller. Miss Kitty and both her parents have great PennHIP scores. They are also both MDR1 n/n and are clear/negative for CEA, DM, PRA and PRCD. As a results, Miss Kitty is clear by pedigree (with proof of DNA testing) for MDR1, CEA, PRA - PRCD, and DM.

About Boots | Miss Kitty's dam | PennHIP: .32/.35

Boots' sire is Betts' Middletree Farms Sweet Briar and her dam is 'PR' Red's Heritage Phoebe by Bett's Best Buddy and 'PR' Bett's Wilson's Maggie Dunn. Boots loves to compete and learn. She is happiest when working at herding, Barn Hunt, Agility and obedience. She earned her HCT-s and RATI as well as legs in agility and Barn Hunt before taking a break for motherhood. She is extremely biddable and easy to train.

About Duke | Miss Kitty's sire | PennHIP: .42/.31

We just fell in love with Miss Kitty's sire Duke! He is smart and thoughtful and wonderful with their 7 children. Duke has an incredible work ethic and at the same time he has the discernment to be gentle with baby stock and poultry. Duke works sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens and ducks at the Oller's farm in Tennessee plus he is the caretaker and babysitter of all of their children.

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