Johnson's Katy-Ann Squier

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Beautiful Katy-Ann, 11 years old, is very athletic, stands at 23 1/2 inches and weighs 48 pounds. Her hips are OFA Good and she is MDR1 normal/normal. Her hips were recently x-rayed and still looked great at 11 years old! Katy-Ann is extremely loyal to her family and is always at my side or another family member's side. She aggressively protects me, never allowing any stranger/animal to get near me, a true "got your back" English Shepherd. She likes to be the manager of all the dogs, but is passing this job onto her daughter Gracie. Also, she has strong herding instincts. She is very responsive to my commands, and will quickly adhere to the given command. She eagerly greets friends and loves to curl up with family members in the evening. Katy-Ann is very observant of all activities on our farm, or any farm she is visiting. She sits and watches much like an English Shepherd we had on the dairy farm I grew up on. She will alert you if anything is “out of place”, and has a powerful, deep bark that she freely uses. She keeps wildlife out of her area, even trying to get the ground hog out of my car recently! She will kill wildlife intruders, but will also stand down when I feel it is not necessary to kill the intruder. She was a wonderful mother to her puppies and has been a wonderful grandmother to Gracie's puppies. She just loves to play with puppies and to show them the rules. Katy-Ann has been retired from breeding. She earned her AHBA HCT on September 5, 2015. [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Johnson%27s+Katy-Ann+Squier&ct=4&
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