Johnson's Gracie-Ann Squier

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Johnson's Gracie-Ann Squier; UACH, U-AG1, U-AG2; AHBA JHD s, HCT; and CGC [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Johnson%27s+Gracie-Ann+Squier&ct=4&
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Gracie is a clear sable daughter of Katy-Ann and Whiskey. She is both UKC and English Shepherd Club registered. Gracie is a very smart and athletic pup like her mother, but has a slightly stockier build. Gracie likes order and she protects her area, including her humans and her dog pack, putting special emphasis on keeping her pups in order. She is approximately 22 1/2" tall at this time and weighs 48 pounds. She is a great farm guardian, a "quiet" enforcer of the rules, vermin eradicator and just a sweetheart. She is very nurturing to all animals. Last year herding ducks, she immediately saw there was a very young duck in the group and gently pushed that duck along with her nose. Recently when my mother was visiting, she felt the need to jump into action to protect her when Miles was racing through the house past the chair my mother was seated in at the kitchen table. Gracie flew from an adjacent room and put herself between my mother and Miles, who meant no harm, and growled at him to protect my mother. Gracie also has good herding instincts and is working with sheep and has worked ducks. Gracie just gets better with age. My husband recently commented on her gate guarding when he was working inside a fenced area.

Gracie's hips are rated OFA Good and her 2013 CERF eye exam was very good . She is MDR1 normal/normal. She is also clear by DNA test for Collie eye anomaly, Degenerative myelopathy, Progressive retinal atrophy, and Progressive rod-cone degeneration.

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