Blackwater Hill's Zak

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Registered Name: Blackwater Hill's Zak

Call Name: Zak

Breeder: Kristen Toth

Owner: David D. Cook

Sire: StarCrossed Blackwater Hill's Finley

Dam: Green Mountain Blackwater Hill's Ollia

Date of Birth: JUN 11, 2018

Full English Shepherd Reg # ESC-5176 Litter # ESC-L1227

Zak is true to his breed. Zak has strong hunting instincts. Always looking for rogue rabbits, woodchucks, & squirrels in the yard. As well as intruding birds in the bushes and overhead. He does not like wondering dogs in the yard, nor cats outside (or inside) the house. Zak has proven himself to be an excellent guard dog. On guard with new people he meets. When he sees all is ok he goes into a quiet watchful mode. He has yet to be tested with livestock. I am hoping to do this in 2020. Zak is maturing nicely into a fine young man. He is biddable and eager to learn. He quickly has learned all the commands Ziggy knows. We still need to break the lead pulling. Maybe I will get him into carting. Zak is open to stud work.

© David Cook

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