Betts Wilsons Yukon Gold

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UKC 'PR' Betts' Wilson's Yukon Gold, AHBA HTCH, CGC, ASCAS-s, AHBA JHD-s,d, HTADI-s,d,t, HTADII-s,d,t, HTADIII-s,d,t, HRDI-s,ms, HRDII-s,ms, HRDIII-s,ms, HTDI-s, RLFI-t, RLFII-t, RLFIII-t, BHA RATN, RATO, RATS [suggest an edit](/escr/editor.php?q=Betts+Wilsons+Yukon+Gold&ct=4&
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Yukon is also registered with the ESC, (English Shepherd Club), and the AWFA (American Working Farmcollie Association) with PRGN designation. Yukon is Clear Sable with Irish White markings and 60 lbs. PennHip .39/.41 MDRI N/N and clear for DM, PRA-PRCD, and CEA.

Yukon is a sensible, steady, loving, guardian and always by his owner’s side when I am working on the farm. Always ready to assist. He is intelligent, sensitive and naturally well mannered. He has wonderful judgment. I value his opinion and respect his knowledge as far as what needs to be done on the farm, and how to do it. He was quite a serious pup and is actually playing more now that he is grown. He is a rule oriented fella and a great farm manager. An all around family dog and farm hand. He is my GO-TO guy for work around the farm. He is a great vermin and snake terminator, coyote guard, and stock dog. He is a great skywatcher as far as birds of prey. He works to help his owner which is very important to him. Yukon has a wonderful relationship with his stock here on the farm. They trust him and he only uses as much force as is necessary to get the job done in a calm and effective manner. He carries forward the Guy Wilson lines, some of the oldest Southeastern farm collie lines, and is a great representative of that intelligent, tractable, versatile, temperament. He is a wonderful competition dog. (He has earned his AHBA Herding Trial Championship! 🙂 ) As well as the BEST traveling, camping buddy.

© Caroline Betts

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