Profitability is Your Responsibility

March 7, 2020

Be willing to pay a price for your puppy that allows the breeder to make a reasonable profit. It is your's and her's responsibility to do so.

Dog buyers. Before selecting a breeder, I would like to point out an often-overlooked facet of the dog breeding world. Dog breeders have a fiduciary responsibility to make a profit and set aside a portion of those funds in order to deal with unforeseen eventualities. Let me provide you with a case study to explain what I mean.

I know a dog breeder who calls herself a hobby breeder. She makes statements like, “I never add up the $$ I spend on my dogs, and that makes not an iota difference in what I charge for my pups”, and “I don’t keep track of these things because this is a HOBBY for me, not a business”. While this may seem noble at first, examine the case a little deeper and you will see that it is in fact irresponsible.

You see, this same breeder recently had an accident she wasn’t prepared to deal with. Several of her litter’s pups got Parvo. If she had been keeping an eye on her costs, selling at a reasonable profitable margin and putting aside some funds, she might have been better prepared to afford treatments for her pups. But she wasn’t profitable, and she had to seek charity from the community to get her out of a bad situation. If she’d been profitable, she could have handled it without seeking charity. It could have been worse, the dogs could have gone untreated. The community was up for the challenge in this case. But this wouldn't be sustainable.

When you select a breeder, please make sure they are being responsible and setting aside funds for these types of unforeseen situations. And be willing to pay a price for your puppy that allows the breeder to make a reasonable profit.

Tony Bierman